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355 days ago, Wello Pointers created this page in support of Environmental Defenders Office (Qld) Inc..

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Our Story

Each year now the Wello Pointers team, supported by kayakers and stand-up paddle boarders, swim in Moreton Bay from Wellington Point Reserve beach area to King Is (Yerra-bin), along the western side of the sandbank. It is 1.1km one way. The sandbank is partially made up of coral from an ancient coral reef about 1 kilometre to the east of the bank. Check it out on Google Earth. Moreton Bay is full of coral reefs and we need to protect ALL reefs, for present and future generations.

We plan to swim on Saturday 2 Feb, about 9am, weather permitting. Keep Sunday 3 Feb free also just in case. You will be able to stand up all the way, as it is reasonably shallow water, and walk back to the mainland along the sandbank if you don’t wish to swim both ways. The tide is highest at 2.35metres at about 8:15am on the Saturday. This is a relatively large tide. So at high tide, the sandbank will be covered with water to about waist deep in some places.

Please support us with a donation, encourage your friends to do the same, and even better, come along and join us, swimming or paddling.

I can send you full details - contact Trevor Berrill at tberrill@powerup.com.au

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